Research :
R & D activities are at the core of Reborn India. Its constant quest for developing new products and technology has led breakthrough innovations in a wide spectrum of research areas. Reborn India's continuing R & D initiatives have strengthened its product basket with delivery of niche and complex products. Reborn India has extensively worked on para IV and 505 . Reborn India has developed products with lipid-based NDDS platform technology, which has resulted in three pharmaceutical formulations commercialized in India. Studies to extend these products into international markets are ongoing.
Reborn India's R & D strategies are focused on 2 major areas:
1. Pharmaceutical formulation development
Reborn India's primary focus area in formulation development includes:
  > Developing Generic formulation to enable day 1 launch upon patent expiry
  > Developing new drug formulations for existing products for life cycle management
  > Development of NDA / NDF of small molecules
  > Improving processes for existing formulation
  > Development of difficult to develop formulations which helps Reborn India launch products having less competition in market
  > Development of non-infringing formulation for launch of products in US prior to patent expiry
  > Developing products based on new drug delivery platform
2. API development
Reborn India's primary focus area of API development R & D team is:
  > Development of oncology and non-oncology range of products to remain in the competitive in international market
  > Development of new API to support first time launch of new products in Indian market
  > Development of non-infringing API process development to support para IV filing
  > Manage cost efficiency of process in a mega-manufacturing environment approved by USFDA/European regulatory authorities
  > Resolve complex chemistry and process related challenges and protect novel concept by filing patents to compete in the global markets
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